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Friday, May 05, 2006

BenQ-Siemens EF81 TBA

Remember Ericsson? Of course you don't. It's mobile phone designs did little to inspire or excite, even if they mostly worked very well. Then Sony sauntered up, swallowed the mobilearm of the Swedish company in a single mouthful and gave birth to the wunderkind that is Sony Ericsson.
Can BenQ do the same for Siemens? What BenQ lacks in Sony-esque kudos it more than makes up for in product design and cold, hard development cash. And if the EF81 is anything to go by, BenQ-Siemens is a name you'll be hearing a lot whole more of. At 15.9mm, the phone's just 2mm thicker than a Moto Razr (from which it's borrowed more than a few design cues) but has a 2 MP camera and 3G connectivity. Those are the same specs as Moto's lovely V3x but minus the slightly disappointing 19.6mm bulk and plastic finish -- this gem's clothed in shiny magnesium instad. We think we're in love.


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