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Friday, May 05, 2006

Motorola Slvr L7

Silicon-smelling gadgeteers will kneel at the altar of Mot's new slimline candy bar. Jaded tech cynicswill itch the burns on their fingers and point out that the Slvr is a re-boxed Razr and thereforeblessed with two-year old innards.

Your modern M16 operative has no beef with Slvr's lack of megapixel camera and 3G, because he is augmented with a retinal chip and cranial biotech. He just needs a dependable mobile that fits into his spandex jumpsuit's pocket.

Slim, toned and desirable -- the Slvr is a study in product design. And marketing.

Network: Triband GSM
Connectivity: Bluetooth, Trasflash, USB
Screen: 1176x220 pixels
Battery: 6 hrs talk, 350hrs standby
Dimnesions/weight: 114x49x12mm/96g


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