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Friday, May 05, 2006

Nokia 6233 TBA

The last time we attempted to balnce business and pleasure, we yielded a slight difference of 0.62780 nanograms whice we figure is because we've cut out the said words from paper. Nokia seems to have a more successful and pretier way of balancing these opposite poles, as can be seen with a 6233, a 3G phone for those who alternate between downloading the latest stock market news and the newest games available. This is so as this 110 gram, stainless steel-encased communicator has support for the latest messaging, browsing, music, and video standards, which can be viewed from its 320x240 QVGA display, listened to its digital music player and from a pair of headphones or built-in stereo speakers offering 3D sound, and stored in with its hot swappable microSD memory card support of up to 2 GB. Add it's 2megapixel camera and Bluetooth-support, Nokia oretty much got it balanced.


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