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Friday, May 05, 2006

Samsung SGH-i300 TBA

Cramming a hard drive into a mobile might have been norn of an engineer's dream rather than any pressing need for more storage but the i300 manages it with rather more aplomb than Nokia's vaporware N91. It's manageable, albeit with no 3G support, and 'only' a 1.3 megapixal camera.

Replacing your iPod Mini with the i300 is crippled by the propriety headphone connection, although Bluetooth headphones are an option. In practice you'll fill the 3GB hard drive with all sorts of nonsense. Thankfully, Windows Mobile (2003 Edition) is good keeping track of it all.

Hard drive mobiles aren't going to kick off a revolution but if you're after a Windows Phone with plenty of storage, you're in luck.

Network: Triband GSM
Connectivity: Bluetooth, IR, USB, TransFlash
Screen: 240x320 pixels
Battery: 7 hrs talk, 200 hrs standby
Dimensions/weight: 113x48x20mm/121g


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